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kitchen-nodes Kitchen Driver

A Test Kitchen Provisioner that generates searchable Nodes

Install & Usage Instructions

<a name="installation"></a> Installation

gem install kitchen-nodes

<a name="config"></a> Configuration

Use nodes instead of chef-zero for the kitchen provisioner name.

  name: nodes

<a name="Usage"></a> Usage

Using kitchen-nodes one can expect all previously converged nodes to be represented in a node file and be searchable. For example consider this scenario looking for a primary node in a cluster in order to add a node to join:

require 'timeout'

def search_for_nodes(query, timeout = 120)
  nodes = []
  Timeout::timeout(timeout) do
    nodes = search(:node, query)
    until  nodes.count > 0 && nodes[0].has_key?('ipaddress')
      sleep 5
      nodes = search(:node, query)

  if nodes.count == 0 || !nodes[0].has_key?('ipaddress')
    raise "Unable to find nodes!"


primary = search_for_nodes("run_list:*couchbase??server* AND platform:#{node['platform']}")
node.normal["couchbase-tests"]["primary_ip"] = primary[0]['ipaddress']

<a name="vagrant"></a> Using with Vagrant

When using kitchen-nodes with the vagrant driver, make sure you add the following to your driver_config:

  - ["private_network", { type: "dhcp" }]

This will add an additional non-NAT NIC to your vagrant box with an IP reachable from the host and other test nodes.

<a name="virtualbox"></a> Why is my ohai ipaddress different from my node ipaddress on vagrant with VirtualBox?

Ohai will pick up the localhost ipaddress on vagrant boxes using virtualbox. To reset the node["ipaddress"] to the reachable ip, add hurry-up-and-test::set_non_nat_vbox_ip to the top of your run_list.

  - name: my-suite
      - recipe[hurry-up-and-test::set_non_nat_vbox_ip]
      - recipe[cookbook-under-test]

You can add this even if you do not use virtualbox and the recipe will do nothing.