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bag_config (4) Versions 2.0.0

Provides helpers for optional data bag configuration

cookbook 'bag_config', '= 2.0.0', :supermarket
cookbook 'bag_config', '= 2.0.0'
knife supermarket install bag_config
knife supermarket download bag_config
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Making data bag entries the "last mile" of attribute overrides.

What's it do?

This cookbook allows attributes to be provided via data bag entries. It slips
functionality into recipes seamlessly to provide consistent functionality across
all recipes, not just those explicitly built for it.


Basic Usage

Access attributes the same way as always:

  • node[:my_cookbook][:my_attribute]

Naming scheme

Data bags

The name of the data bag used will correspond to the name of the base attribute
key used within a cookbook. For example, the base attribute key for the munin
cookbook is munin thus the data bag name used will be munin. However, the
chef-client cookbook uses the base attribute key of chef_client so the data
bag name it uses will be chef_client.

The naming of the data bag entries are based on the node name with a config_
prefix. Given a node named lucid, the data bag entry id would be config_lucid.
Periods are replaced with underscores within the node name for generating the
data bag entry name. Thus, a node named would have a data
bag entry id of config_lucid_example_com.

Quick Ref:

cookbook: chef-client
base key: chef_client
node name:
data bag name: chef_client
data bag entry id: config_test1_box

Advanced Usage

Custom Data Bag

Example: Use the myconfig data bag to supply configuration entries for the
nagios attribute:

  • node[:bag_config][:nagios] = {:bag => :myconfig}

Custom Data Bag Entry

Example: Use custom_config data bag entry id under the nagios
base attribute key:

  • node[:bag_config][:nagios] = {:item => 'custom_config'}

Encrypted Data Bag Entry

Encrypted data bags are supported when the encrypted attribute is set:

  • `node[:bag_config][:nagios] = {:encrypted => true}

This will require the secret being provided either inline:

  • node[:bag_config][:nagios] = {:secret => 'my_secret'}

or as a path to the secret file on the node:

  • node[:bag_config][:nagios] = {:secret => '/etc/config_secret.file'}

Compatibility Note

This version is incompatible with the 1.x versions. It removes all custom methods from Recipe
instances and instead proxies the attribute requests via the node, so no modifications are
required for full support.

Dependent cookbooks

This cookbook has no specified dependencies.

Contingent cookbooks

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