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deploy_key (9) Versions 0.0.3

Manage deploy keys on Github and Bitbucket

cookbook 'deploy_key', '= 0.0.3', :supermarket
cookbook 'deploy_key', '= 0.0.3'
knife supermarket install deploy_key
knife supermarket download deploy_key
Quality -%

deploy_key cookbook

This is a Chef cookbook to manage deploy_keys on SaaS VCSs. Currently, it supports Bitbucket and Github.

This work is heavily based on the ideas and code of ZippyKid's github-deploy-key cookbook.


Use this cookbook as a dependency of whatever cookbook will manage your deploy keys.

Declare a deploy_key resource and configure the provider:

deploy_key "app_deploy_key" do
  provider Chef::Provider::DeployKeyGithub

Supported providers:

  • Chef::Provider::DeployKeyGithub
  • Chef::Provider::DeployKeyBitbucket


  • label: Used as both the name of the key pair files on disk and the deploy key label on the provider. Defaults to name;
  • path: The directory where the private and public keys are stored
  • credentials: The credentials used to authenticate on the API - see below
  • repo: The repository where the deploy key will be installed. Has to be in the format username/repo_slug (e.g.: cassianoleal/cookbook-deploy_key)
  • owner: The owner of the key files on disk. Defaults to root
  • group: The group of the key files on disk. Defaults to root
  • mode: The mode that will be passed on to chmod. Defaults to 0600


  • :create - Runs ssh-keygen to create a key pair on the designed path;
  • :delete - Deletes the key pair from the disk;
  • :add - Adds the public key as a deploy key for the repository;
  • :remove - Removes the key from the list of deploy keys on the repository

<a id="authentication"></a>Authentication

Authentication can be done either via username/password:

deploy_key "app_deploy_key" do
  provider Chef::Provider::DeployKeyGithub
    :user => '',
    :password => 'very_secure_password'

or OAuth token ( Github | Bitbucket ):

deploy_key "app_deploy_key" do
  provider Chef::Provider::DeployKeyGithub
    :token => 'awesome_and_much_more_secure_token'

A full example

deploy_key "bitbucket_key" do
  provider Chef::Provider::DeployKeyBitbucket
  path '/home/app_user/.ssh'  
    :token => 'my_bitbucket_oauth_token'
  repo 'organization/million_dollar_app'
  owner 'deploy'
  group 'deploy'
  mode 00640
  action :add


Cassiano Leal (email | twitter | github)

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