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hadoop (72) Versions 1.3.1

Installs/Configures Hadoop (HDFS/YARN/MRv2), HBase, Hive, Flume, Oozie, Pig, Spark, Storm, Tez, and ZooKeeper

cookbook 'hadoop', '= 1.3.1', :supermarket
cookbook 'hadoop', '= 1.3.1'
knife supermarket install hadoop
knife supermarket download hadoop
Quality -%

hadoop cookbook

Cookbook Version
Build Status


This cookbook may work on earlier versions, but these are the minimal tested versions.

  • Chef 11.4.0+
  • CentOS 6.4+
  • Ubuntu 12.04+

This cookbook assumes that you have a working Java installation. It has been tested using version 1.21.2 of the java cookbook, using Oracle Java 6. If you plan on using Hive with a database other than the embedded Derby, you will need to provide it and set it up prior to starting Hive Metastore service.


This cookbook is designed to be used with a wrapper cookbook or a role with settings for configuring Hadoop. The services should work out of the box on a single host, but little validation is done that you have made a working Hadoop configuration. The cookbook is attribute-driven and is suitable for use via either chef-client or chef-solo since it does not use any server-based functionality. The cookbook defines service definitions for each Hadoop service, but it does not enable or start them, by default.

For more information, read the Wrapping this cookbook wiki entry.


Attributes for this cookbook define the configuration files for Hadoop and its various services. Hadoop configuration files are XML files, with name/value property pairs. The attribute name determines which file the property is placed and the property name. The attribute value is the property value. The attribute hadoop['core_site']['fs.defaultFS'] will configure a property named fs.defaultFS in core-site.xml in hadoop['conf_dir']. All attribute values are taken as-is and only minimal configuration checking is done on values. It is up to the user to provide a valid configuration for your cluster.

Attribute Tree File Location
hadoop['capacity_scheduler'] capacity-scheduler.xml hadoop['conf_dir']
hadoop['container_executor'] container-executor.cfg hadoop['conf_dir']
hadoop['core_site'] core-site.xml hadoop['conf_dir']
hadoop['fair_scheduler'] fair-scheduler.xml hadoop['conf_dir']
hadoop['hadoop_env'] hadoop['conf_dir']
hadoop['hadoop_metrics'] hadoop['conf_dir']
hadoop['hadoop_policy'] hadoop-policy.xml hadoop['conf_dir']
hadoop['hdfs_site'] hdfs-site.xml hadoop['conf_dir']
hadoop['log4j'] hadoop['conf_dir']
hadoop['mapred_env'] hadoop['conf_dir']
hadoop['mapred_site'] mapred-site.xml hadoop['conf_dir']
hadoop['yarn_env'] hadoop['conf_dir']
hadoop['yarn_site'] yarn-site.xml hadoop['conf_dir']
hbase['hadoop_metrics'] hbase['conf_dir']
hbase['hbase_env'] hbase['conf_dir']
hbase['hbase_policy'] hbase-policy.xml hbase['conf_dir']
hbase['hbase_site'] hbase-site.xml hbase['conf_dir']
hbase['jaas'] jaas.conf hbase['conf_dir']
hbase['log4j'] hbase['conf_dir']
hive['hive_env'] hive['conf_dir']
hive['hive_site'] hive-site.xml hive['conf_dir']
hive['jaas'] jaas.conf hive['conf_dir']
oozie['oozie_site'] oozie-site.xml oozie['conf_dir']
zookeeper['jaas'] jaas.conf zookeeper['conf_dir']
zookeeper['log4j'] zookeeper['conf_dir']
zookeeper['zoocfg'] zoo.cfg zookeeper['conf_dir']

Distribution Attributes

  • hadoop['distribution'] - Specifies which Hadoop distribution to use, currently supported: cdh, hdp. Default hdp
  • hadoop['distribution_version'] - Specifies which version of hadoop['distribution'] to use. Default 2.0 if hadoop['distribution'] is hdp and 5 if hadoop['distribution'] is cdh

APT-specific settings

  • hadoop['apt_repo_url'] - Provide an alternate apt installation source location. If you change this attribute, you are expected to provide a path to a working repo for the hadoop['distribution'] used. Default: nil
  • hadoop['apt_repo_key_url'] - Provide an alternative apt repository key source location. Default nil

RPM-specific settings

  • hadoop['yum_repo_url'] - Provide an alternate yum installation source location. If you change this attribute, you are expected to provide a path to a working repo for the hadoop['distribution'] used. Default: nil
  • hadoop['yum_repo_key_url'] - Provide an alternative yum repository key source location. Default nil

Global Configuration Attributes

  • hadoop['conf_dir'] - The directory used inside /etc/hadoop and used via the alternatives system. Default conf.chef
  • hbase['conf_dir'] - The directory used inside /etc/hbase and used via the alternatives system. Default conf.chef
  • hive['conf_dir'] - The directory used inside /etc/hive and used via the alternatives system. Default conf.chef
  • oozie['conf_dir'] - The directory used inside /etc/oozie and used via the alternatives system. Default conf.chef
  • zookeeper['conf_dir'] - The directory used inside /etc/zookeeper and used via the alternatives system. Default conf.chef

Default Attributes

  • hadoop['core_site']['fs.defaultFS'] - Sets URI to HDFS NameNode. Default hdfs://localhost
  • hadoop['yarn_site']['yarn.resourcemanager.hostname'] - Sets hostname of YARN ResourceManager. Default localhost
  • hive['hive_site']['javax.jdo.option.ConnectionURL'] - Sets JDBC URL. Default jdbc:derby:;databaseName=/var/lib/hive/metastore/metastore_db;create=true
  • hive['hive_site']['javax.jdo.option.ConnectionDriverName'] - Sets JDBC Driver. Default org.apache.derby.jdbc.EmbeddedDriver


  • default.rb - Sets up configuration and hadoop-client packages.
  • hadoop_hdfs_checkconfig - Ensures the HDFS configuration meets required parameters.
  • hadoop_hdfs_datanode - Sets up an HDFS DataNode.
  • hadoop_hdfs_ha_checkconfig - Ensures the HDFS configuration meets requirements for High Availability.
  • hadoop_hdfs_journalnode - Sets up an HDFS JournalNode.
  • hadoop_hdfs_namenode - Sets up an HDFS NameNode.
  • hadoop_hdfs_secondarynamenode - Sets up an HDFS Secondary NameNode.
  • hadoop_hdfs_zkfc - Sets up HDFS Failover Controller, required for automated NameNode failover.
  • hadoop_yarn_nodemanager - Sets up a YARN NodeManager.
  • hadoop_yarn_proxyserver - Sets up a YARN Web Proxy.
  • hadoop_yarn_resourcemanager - Sets up a YARN ResourceManager.
  • hbase - Sets up configuration and hbase packages.
  • hbase_checkconfig - Ensures the HBase configuration meets required parameters.
  • hbase_master - Sets up an HBase Master.
  • hbase_regionserver - Sets up an HBase RegionServer.
  • hbase_rest - Sets up an HBase REST interface.
  • hbase_thrift - Sets up an HBase Thrift interface.
  • hive - Sets up configuration and hive packages.
  • hive_metastore - Sets up Hive Metastore metadata repository.
  • hive_server - Sets up a Hive Thrift service.
  • hive_server2 - Sets up a Hive Thrift service with Kerberos and multi-client concurrency support.
  • oozie - Sets up an Oozie server.
  • oozie_client - Sets up an Oozie client.
  • pig - Installs pig interpreter.
  • repo - Sets up package manager repositories for specified hadoop['distribution']
  • zookeeper - Sets up zookeeper package.
  • zookeeper_server - Sets up a ZooKeeper server.


Author:: Continuuity, Inc. (


This cookbook has several ways to test it. It includes code tests, which are done using foodcritic, rubocop, and chefspec.
It, also, includes functionality testing, provided by vagrant.

rake foodcritic
rake rubocop
rake chefspec
rake vagrant

This cookbook requires the vagrant-omnibus and vagrant-berkshelf Vagrant plugins to be installed.


Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this software except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.

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