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ldapknife (9) Versions 0.0.20

Installs to /usr/local/bin

cookbook 'ldapknife', '= 0.0.20', :supermarket
cookbook 'ldapknife', '= 0.0.20'
knife supermarket install ldapknife
knife supermarket download ldapknife
Quality -%

Travis-ci status: Build Status


  • is a command-line utility mainly used to do mass deletions
    from an OpenLDAP/AD directory by building an LDIF on-the-fly and using it as input.

  • will be mostly useful during the test/dev phase of building
    an OpenLDAP directory.

  • You may also find it useful when doing mass deletions or purging of old
    data from an OpenLDAP directory.


  • There are currently no attributes for this cookbook.


The primary function of is to delete ALL distinguished names ( e.g. DNs ) from a given search base.
This option is envoked by the --delall option. NOTE: --delall requires -b, -D, -H & --obj options to be given.

You can also execute ./ --help for the help menu.

EXAMPLE1: ./ --delall yes -D "cn=Manager,dc=example,dc=com" -b "cn=TestUsers,dc=example,dc=com" -H ldap:// --obj objectclass=person --dir /tmp -w SECRET_PASS_HERE

In EXAMPLE1, will DELETE ALL objects of type person in the container cn=TestUsers,dc=example,dc=com by connecting to ldap server ldap://,
building the file /tmp/delete_ldif.ldif and using it as input to build another LDIF which will contain changtype:delete for each DN found in the TestUsers container.
The password for the admin account "cn=Manager,dc=example,dc=com" is specified with the -w option.

NOTE: If the --dir option is not given, files delete_all_dn_formatted.ldif, delete_all_dn.ldif, deleteAllDN.ldif, and delete_ldif.ldif will get written to PWD.


  • delete_dn.ldif - LDIF produced by calling ldapsearchand passing it required parameters.
  • delete_all_dn_formatted.ldif - Same as delete_dn.ldif with line wrapping removed.
  • delete_all_dn.ldif - LDIF of all DNs from delete_all_dn_formatted.ldif of changetype:delete.
  • deleteAllDN.ldif - Same as delete_all_dn.ldif with last blank line removed.


  • Implement ability to backup an OpenLDAP directory using slapcat.
  • Implement ability to delete OpenLDAP database transaction database logs using slapd_db_archive.

Dependent cookbooks

perl >= 0.0.0
yum >= 0.0.0

Contingent cookbooks

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