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firewall (95) Versions 0.11.8

Provides a set of primitives for managing firewalls and associated rules.

cookbook 'firewall', '= 0.11.8', :supermarket
cookbook 'firewall', '= 0.11.8'
knife supermarket install firewall
knife supermarket download firewall
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firewall Cookbook

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Provides a set of primitives for managing firewalls and associated rules.

PLEASE NOTE - The resource/providers in this cookbook are under heavy development. An attempt is being made to keep the resource simple/stupid by starting with less sophisticated firewall implementations first and refactor/vet the resource definition with each successive provider.



  • Ubuntu
  • Debian

Tested on:
* Ubuntu 10.04
* Ubuntu 11.04
* Ubuntu 11.10
* Debian 7.0



The default recipe installs the ufw package, which this cookbook requires. Make sure that the firewall recipe is in the node or role run_list before any resources from this cookbook is used.




  • :enable: Default action enable the firewall. this will make any rules that have been defined 'active'.
  • :disable: disable the firewall. drop any rules and put the node in an unprotected state.

Attribute Parameters

  • name: name attribute. arbitrary name to uniquely identify this resource
  • log_level: level of verbosity the firewall should log at. valid values are: :low, :medium, :high, :full. default is :low.


  • Chef::Provider::FirewallUfw
    • platform default: Ubuntu


# enable platform default firewall
firewall 'ufw' do
  action :enable

# increase logging past default of 'low'
firewall 'debug firewalls' do
  log_level :high
  action    :enable



  • :allow: the rule should allow incoming traffic.
  • :deny: the rule should deny incoming traffic.
  • :reject: *Default action: the rule should reject incoming traffic.

Attribute Parameters

  • name: name attribute. arbitrary name to uniquely identify this firewall rule
  • protocol: valid values are: :udp, :tcp. default is all protocols
  • port: incoming port number (ie. 22 to allow inbound SSH)
  • ports: array of incoming port numbers (ie. [80,443] to allow inbound HTTP & HTTPS). NOTE: protocol attribute is required with ports
  • port_range: range of incoming port numbers (ie. 60000..61000 to allow inbound mobile-shell. NOTE: protocol attribute is required with port_range
  • source: ip address or subnet to filter on incoming traffic. default is (ie Anywhere)
  • destination: ip address or subnet to filter on outgoing traffic.
  • dest_port: outgoing port number.
  • position: position to insert rule at. if not provided rule is inserted at the end of the rule list.
  • direction: direction of the rule. valid values are: :in, :out, default is :in
  • interface: interface to apply rule (ie. 'eth0').
  • logging: may be added to enable logging for a particular rule. valid values are: :connections, :packets. In the ufw provider, :connections logs new connections while :packets logs all packets.


  • Chef::Provider::FirewallRuleUfw
    • platform default: Ubuntu


# open standard ssh port, enable firewall
firewall_rule 'ssh' do
  port     22
  action   :allow
  notifies :enable, 'firewall[ufw]'

# open standard http port to tcp traffic only; insert as first rule
firewall_rule 'http' do
  port     80
  protocol :tcp
  position 1
  action   :allow

# restrict port 13579 to on eth0
firewall_rule 'myapplication' do
  port      13579
  source    ''
  direction :in
  interface 'eth0'
  action    :allow

# open UDP ports 60000..61000 for mobile shell (, note
# that the protocol attribute is required when using port_range
firewall_rule 'mosh' do
  protocol   :udp
  port_range 60000..61000
  action     :allow

# open multiple ports for http/https, note that the protocol
# attribute is required when using ports
firewall_rule 'http/https' do
  protocol :tcp
  ports    [80, 443]
  action   :allow

firewall 'ufw' do
  action :nothing


This section details "quick development" steps. For a detailed explanation, see [[]].

  1. Clone this repository from GitHub:

    $ git clone
  2. Create a git branch

    $ git checkout -b my_bug_fix
  3. Install dependencies:

    $ bundle install
  4. Make your changes/patches/fixes, committing appropiately

  5. Write tests

  6. Run the tests:

    • bundle exec foodcritic -f any .
    • bundle exec rspec
    • bundle exec rubocop
    • bundle exec kitchen test

In detail:
- Foodcritic will catch any Chef-specific style errors
- RSpec will run the unit tests
- Rubocop will check for Ruby-specific style errors
- Test Kitchen will run and converge the recipes

License & Authors

Copyright:: Copyright (c) 2011 Opscode, Inc.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.

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