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nfs (54) Versions 3.0.0

Installs and configures NFS, and NFS exports

cookbook 'nfs', '= 3.0.0', :supermarket
cookbook 'nfs', '= 3.0.0'
knife supermarket install nfs
knife supermarket download nfs
Quality 83%



Installs and configures NFS client, or server components


Should work on any RHEL 7+, Debian 10+, Ubuntu 15.04+ distributions.

This cookbook depends on Sean O'Meara's line cookbook


  • nfs['packages']

    • Case switch in attributes to choose NFS client packages dependent on platform.
  • nfs['service']

    • ['config'] - only set on Debian/Ubuntu to work around loose systemd unit file dependencies on this platform family - debian: nfs-config.service
    • ['portmap'] - the rpcbind service - default:
    • ['lock'] - the rpc-statd service - default:, debian: rpc-statd.service
    • ['server'] - the server component, - default: nfs-server.service, debian: nfs-kernel-server.service
    • ['idmap'] - the NFSv4 idmap component
  • nfs['config']

    • client_templates - templates to iterate through on client systems, chosen by platform
    • server_template - Per-platform case switch in common nfs.erb template. This string should be set to where the main NFS server configuration file should be placed.
    • idmap_template - Path to idmapd.conf used in nfs::client4 and nfs::server4 recipes.
  • nfs['threads'] - Number of nfsd threads to run. Default 8 on Linux, 24 on FreeBSD. Set to 0, to disable.

  • nfs['port']

    • ['statd'] = Listen port for statd, default 32765
    • ['statd_out'] = Outgoing port for statd, default 32766
    • ['mountd'] = Listen port for mountd, default 32767
    • ['lockd'] = Listen port for lockd, default 32768
  • nfs['v2'], nfs['v3'], nfs['v4']

    • Set to yes or no to turn on/off NFS protocol level v2, or v3.
    • Defaults to nil, deferring to the default behavior provided by running kernel.
  • nfs['mountd_flags'] - BSD launch options for mountd.

  • nfs['server_flags'] - BSD launch options for nfsd.

  • nfs['idmap']

    • Attributes specific to idmap template and service.
    • ['domain'] - Domain for idmap service, defaults to node['domain']
    • ['pipefs_directory'] - platform-specific location of Pipefs-Directory
    • ['user'] - effective user for idmap service, default nobody.
    • ['group'] - effective group for idmap service, default nogroup.


To install the NFS components for a client system, simply add nfs to the run_list.

name "base"
description "Role applied to all systems"
run_list [ "nfs" ]

Then in an nfs_server.rb role that is applied to NFS servers:

name "nfs_server"
description "Role applied to the system that should be an NFS server."
  "nfs" => {
    "packages" => [ "portmap", "nfs-common", "nfs-kernel-server" ],
    "port" => {
      "statd" => 32765,
      "statd_out" => 32766,
      "mountd" => 32767,
      "lockd" => 32768
run_list [ "nfs::server" ]

nfs_export LWRP Usage

Applications or other cookbooks can use the nfs_export LWRP to add exports:

nfs_export "/exports" do
  network ''
  writeable false 
  sync true
  options ['no_root_squash']

The default parameters for the nfs_export LWRP are as follows

  • directory

    • directory you wish to export
    • defaults to resource name
  • network

    • a CIDR, IP address, or wildcard (*)
    • requires an option
    • can be a string for a single address or an array of networks
  • writeable

    • ro/rw export option
    • defaults to false
  • sync

    • synchronous/asynchronous export option
    • defaults to true
  • anonuser

    • user mapping for anonymous users
    • the user's UID will be retrieved from /etc/passwd for the anonuid=x option
    • defaults to nil (no mapping)
  • anongroup

    • group mapping for anonymous users
    • the group's GID will be retrieved from /etc/group for the anongid=x option
    • defaults to nil (no mapping)
  • options

    • additional export options as an array, excluding the parameterized sync/async, ro/rw options, and anoymous mappings
    • defaults to root_squash

nfs::default recipe

The default recipe installs and configures the common components for an NFS client, at an effective protocol level of
NFSv3. The Chef resource logic for this is in the nfs::_common recipe, with platform-specific conditional defaults
set in the default attributes file.

nfs::client4 recipe

Includes the logic from nfs::_common, and also configures and installs the idmap service to provide an effective protocol
level of NFSv4. Effectively the same as running both nfs::_common and nfs::_idmap.

nfs::server recipe

The server recipe includes the common client components from nfs::_common. This also configures and installs the
platform-specific server services for an effective protocol level of NFSv3.

nfs::server4 recipe

This recipe includes the common client components from nfs::_common. It also configures and installs the
platform-specific server services for an effective protocol level of NFSv4. Effectively the same as running
nfs::_common and nfs::_idmap and nfs::server.

nfs::undo recipe

Does your freshly kickstarted/preseeded system come with NFS, when you didn't ask for NFS? This recipe inspired by the
annoyances cookbook, will run once to remove NFS from the system. Use a knife command to remove NFS components from your
system like so.

knife run_list add  nfs::undo

License and Author

Author: Eric G. Wolfe ( endorse

Contributors: Riot Games, Sean O'Meara

Copyright 2011-2020, Eric G. Wolfe
Copyright 2014, Joe Rocklin
Copyright 2012, Riot Games
Copyright 2012, Sean O'Meara

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.

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This release unifies systemd based NFS systems. Much of the platform branching has been removed dropping support for System V initialized NFS servers.


    • Added
    • Debian 10
    • Ubuntu 18.04
    • Ubuntu 20.04
    • CentOS/RHEL 8
    • Dropped
    • Debian 8
    • Debian 9
    • CentOS/RHEL 5
    • CentOS/RHEL 6
    • Ubuntu 14.04
    • Iffy (not supported)
    • SUSE
    • FreeBSD
  • @rexcsn - corrected nfs-idmap service name

  • Set default_env so exportfs can be found under Chef 14.2+


  • @Vancelot11 - added CentOS 8 support


  • Small tweak to Chef 13 compatible sysctl resources


  • Set lockd ports on Debian 8 and Ubuntu 14.04 via sysctl settings.


  • Updated to support Chef 14+ with builtin sysctl resource
  • Dropped sysctl cookbook dependency, but maintained backwards compatibility by using file/execute resources for Chef 13


  • #107 - Bump line dependency version to 2.x


  • Set minimum supported Chef to 13.2.20
  • Bump line and sysctl dependency versions


  • @chuhn - Add Debian Stretch support
  • Updates to raise Supermarket metrics


  • Correct #95 regression on v2.4.0


  • Fixes #99 - Remove include_attribute 'sysctl' to maintain compatibility with sysctl cookbook changes.


  • Fixes #93 - nfs-idmap.service unit file depends on nfs-server.service provided by nfs-kernel-server package on Ubuntu 16.04.


  • Fixes #91 - nfs-config.service needs managed to apply fixed port configuration on Ubuntu 16.04 and CentOS 7.2


  • Fix #89 - Set sysctl parameters, only if nfs kernel module is loaded.
  • Closes #76 - Remove service provider mapping, deferring to Chef 12 provider helpers.
  • Fixes #81 - Re-instate status check.


  • @nunukim
    • fix invalid /etc/defaults/nfs-kernel-server on Debian


  • Ignore sysctl for OpenVZ/Virtuozzo
  • Start rpcbind service in RHEL 7 prior to nfs server


  • Fix #69 - Logical condition error on CentOS 7
    • reported by @dougalb


  • @sspans

    • prevent resource duplication for shared configs
    • Rubocop fix-ups
  • @hrak

    • Use systemd provider for Ubuntu >= 15.04
  • @rlanore

    • Add knob to disable nfs v4


  • @zivagolee - Chef 11 backwards compatability for issues/source urls.


  • @gsreynolds

    • Add explicit service provider attributes for Debian, including Debian 8.
  • @hrak

    • Use package portmap instead of rpcbind on Ubuntu <=13.04
    • Correct service name for Ubuntu <=13.04 = 'portmap', >=13.10 = 'rpcbind'


  • @davidgiesberg - fixed an issue with chef-client 12.5 in #67


  • @yoshiwaan - improved Amazon Linux platform support.
    • Also added tests, and example file.


  • @shortgun corrected an Amazon Linux regression introduced by #57
  • Cleaned out redundant BATS tests, in favor of Serverspec tests.
  • Cleaned up Serverspec tests introduced by #57 to better reflect expected behavior.


  • @joerocklin added CentOS 7 support, and tests, in #57
  • @sdrycroft added whitespace padding to replacement pattern in #62


  • Make service_provider edge cases an Ubuntu-specific hack.
    • More feedback may be needed on Debian platforms/versions
  • CentOS platforms seem to detect service_provider fine, without explicitly setting one.
  • Remove windows/solaris guard regression, because this should not be needed without overriding the service provider


  • Partial revert of service_provider Ubuntu hacks.


  • De-kludge service_provider hacks
  • Add pattern parameter to looped service resources


  • @lmickh LWRP stairsteps anonids multiplicatively. #46
  • @vgirnet added SLES init script failsafe. closes #47
  • @StFS added EL7 service names. closes #39 #41 #49
  • @stevenolen remove installation of nfs-kernel-server for debian platform. closes #43
  • ChefSpec fixups
    • Runner deprecated.
    • Generic chefspec 0.6.1 platform has no service providers (i.e. sysvinit) in Chef.
    • FreeBSD mapping broken chef/chef#2383.


  • @jessp01 added rquotad support, Issue #34
  • @jessp01 added NFS4 support, Issue #35
  • @dudyk Hash Rockets, Issue #36
  • @soul-rebel, Issue #37
  • @kjtanaka, notification timing, Issue #38
  • rework issue #35 to be cross-platform and backwards compatible
  • fix tests, verify behavior
  • Update documentation

Potentially Breaking Changes

Support for some versions of Ubuntu support unverified. Please help cookbook
maintainers by submitting fauxhai stub data
for your preferred platforms.


  • Removed unused variables from provider
  • NFS server template refactored into singular template to take advantage of added features like nfs['v4'] and nfs['threads']
  • @eric-tucker added Amazon support
  • @mvollrath added Ubuntu 13.10 support
  • @JonathanSerafini added FreeBSD support
  • @gswallow added an nfs['threads'] attribute
  • @brint added array support for network LWRP parameter
  • Tests
    • @stuart12 added debian to platforms
    • Chefspec unit test coverage
    • BATS integration tests
    • Rubocop linting


  • @CloCkWeRX - LWRP multi-line fix
  • @walbenzi - toggle-able nfs protocol level 2, or 3

    • defer to default proto level, and default behavior according to installed kernel
    • Add attributes to README
  • @ranxxerox & @reoring - Debian wheezy support added


Remove nfs::undo only upon conflict in run_list


Community site version does not match cb on github.


Add SLES 11 support.
Handle non-existent exports.
Re-order service/template.
Added attributes to LWRP for anonymous user and group mapping.
Removed deprecated exports documentation.
Add test-kitchen skeleton


Correct LWRP behavior for empty exports file via @bryanwb

Corrected lint warnings:

FC043: Prefer new notification syntax: ./recipes/default.rb:40
FC043: Prefer new notification syntax: ./recipes/server.rb:35


@someara exports LWRP refactor

  • Breaking changes
    • Deprecated ~nfs['exports']~ attribute
    • remove exports recipe hack
  • refactored provider to execute in new run_context
  • update notification timings on exports resources
  • add service status to recipes
  • dependency and integration with line editing cookbook


Debian family attribute correction

Use portmap service when using the portmap package


Documentation corrections
* correct node.nfs.port references
* correct run_list symtax


Force float in platform_version conditional


Ubutntu service names

  • Fix Ubuntu 11.10 edge-case reported by Andrea Campi
  • Update test cases


Attribute typo for Debian

  • Correct typo in attributes
  • Add attribute testing for config templates
  • Add /etc/exports grep for better idempotency guard


  • Fix service action typo in nfs::undo


  • [annoyance] Add run once nfs::undo recipe to stop and remove all nfs components
  • Correct export duplication check in LWRP
  • Re-factor attributes, and introduce Ubuntu 12+ edge cases
  • Add testing artefacts for Travis CI integration


  • Add nfs_export LWRP, thanks Michael Ivey from Riot Games for the contribution
  • Update README documentation, and add CHANGELOG


  • Re-factor NFS cookbook
  • Add edge cases for RHEL6, thanks Bryan Berry for reporting and testing
  • Filter-branched into cookbook-nfs repo


  • Add NFS export support
  • Update documentation
  • First community site release


  • Initial version with RHEL/CentOS/Debian/Ubuntu support
  • Thanks to Glenn Pratt for testing on Debian family distros

Collaborator Number Metric

3.0.0 passed this metric

Contributing File Metric

3.0.0 passed this metric

Foodcritic Metric

3.0.0 failed this metric

FC070: Ensure supports metadata defines valid platforms: nfs/metadata.rb:1
FC074: LWRP should use DSL to define resource's default action: nfs/resources/export.rb:1
FC085: Resource using new_resource.updated_by_last_action to converge resource: nfs/providers/export.rb:77
Run with Foodcritic Version 16.3.0 with tags metadata,correctness ~FC031 ~FC045 and failure tags any

No Binaries Metric

3.0.0 passed this metric

Testing File Metric

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Version Tag Metric

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